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Galveston wedding planners - Moments Event planning and Design can assit you in planning the details of your wedding on Galveston island. Venues- entertainment-invitations- and decor. Galveston weddings 

What made you want to be a wedding planner?

I was the person who planned all of the special occasions in my family, baby showers, childrens parties, holiday dinners and just because celebrations. After a lot of nudging from family and friends I started the journey to planning by attending the  local community college, where I began taking floral design courses, that followed with cakes (hated it), I eventally studied wedding planning through Ashworth College and obtained my cerfification. I have not looked back since then, this job is pefect for me I love meeting new people, I love the idea of love for ever, I love to see two families become one, I love sparkly bobbles and cake AND all of those things mixed together in one room .....Well let's just say it rocks my world.


What services do you offer?

We offer a range of services for our clients Month of  wedding coordination, Partial wedding planning, Full service wedding planning, Party planning, Design and more.


Do you take more than one wedding on the same day?

No, honestly the details for one wedding are enough to keep our hands full. My team and I work hard to ensure that all of your details are taken care of, in order to do this we commit to one wedding per weekend.


My venue has a coordinator, aren't you the same thing? 

No, the venue coordinator works for the venue and their job is to protect their best interest, the venue. As your planner my job is just that to protect your best interest both at the venue and offsite.


What makes you different from all of the other wedding planners out there?

I understand that this is not my wedding day it's the Moment that you have been dreaming since you were a little girl, and the goal is to make it YOUR'S.


All of the planning services sound great, but it seems expensive. Can we afford to hire a planner? 

My immediate answer is you can't afford not to. I know it sounds like a sales pitch but during the planning process your family and friends should be there as a support system enjoying the journey with you. Not managing the details of who, what, when and where on wedding day. Our teams of experienced professionals are on hand to ensure that the big and little details are covered. From your customized task list, budgets, floor plans,vendor reccommendations we save you time, and most times money. You sit back relax and get married!


Who do you work best with ?

We work best with the bride who is too busy to map out all the details herself and knows that she needs the gentle guide. She typically knows what she wants but  has no idea how or where to begin in the planning process. If that's you, then we would love to hear from you.


Will I loose control of my own wedding if your my planner ? 

No, absolutley not it's the moment you have been dreaming of, during the planning we collaborate behind the scenes on the details that make the day yours. On wedding day you see your vision come alive, and that for us is this what it's is all about..... You and your intended and your story.


Who will not benefit from our planning services?

For lack of a better term the control freak ....yep we said it ! We have to have mutual respect and trust for each other during the planning process, ultimately our goal is the same a beautiful wedding day that you have been dreaming of. 


Are we required to book only the vendors you recommend or do we have the freedom to hire someone even if you haven’t worked with them before?

That's not a problem; we are willing to work with new vendors.


Tell me about you 

I am happily married to the Mr. we are proud parents of 3Bg's and they all make my life very colorful. I enjoy hanging out with my family, friend girls, cooking and reading a good book.


Things I like 

I love desserts of every kind (and I am curvy because I love ), the color purple is my FAVORITE and  I love shaking what my momma gave me to Beyonce.


What I like most about weddings  

When the dad is just out side the door waiting with his daughter, and the look on the couples face as they see each other for the first time.


What I dislike about weddings 

Balloons, silk flowers, and plastic/paper table cloths.

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